Arrival & Airport Pickup

The staff of Odessa International Medical University (OIMU) always assists arrived students in their transfer to our university from the airport, hostel settlement, admissions, etc.

First of all, those students who got their visas from the Ukrainian embassy must inform the staff of Admissions department about arrival by sending copies of flight ticket and visa and provide with the valid contact number. This information should be sent 5 days before the student’s trip in order to enable OIMU staff to organize his/her arrival properly.

Odessa International Medical University (OIMU) always receives all our students at the airports makes transportation arrangements from the airport to the University. It is advisable to book all flights as soon as possible after getting the visa because the beginning of the academic year is a busy time to travel to Ukraine.

It is compulsory for every student to inform us about his/her flight details because if the representative of Odessa International Medical University (OIMU) does not receive the student at the airport, the student will be deported back to the homeland.


Admissions 2021-2022

For each student, the school is the place where the foundation is laid, on which it will be possible to build the whole future life. But one foundation is not enough for a good future. This is why we invite all entrants to our university: here you will be taught not only the basics of life, but also how to use them in practice.