About Ukraine

 This European country is mainly associated with numerous interesting and unique features and some of them are highlighted below.

    1. Ukraine is among the most educated nations in the world. 70 % of adult Ukrainians have higher education. Even the majority of world champions have doctorate degrees.
    2. Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine. Russian is spoken in eastern and southern parts of the country.
    3. Vyshyvanka is the Ukrainian national costume. It is decorated with ornamental hand-woven embroidery featuring floral detail. Both women and men wear the costume on various occasions.

  1. Borsh and varenyky are some of the most popular traditional Ukrainian dishes.
  2. Ukraine is the least expensive travel city in Europe. In the entire Europe Ukraine stands the cheapest where one can find things at rock bottom prices. All transport modes which include buses and trains are quite cheap. Even food is cheap here compared to other places in Europe.
  3. The Famous “Tunnel of Love”is located here. The Tunnel of Love is part of an industrial railway near Klevan, Ukraine. This enchanting natural train tunnel is surrounded by green arches formed by trees on both sides of the single track railway line. Its romantic setting attracts many couples to the place. According to local legends, couples who visit the place will have their wishes granted.
  4. Mount Hoverla is the highest mountain in the world. With the height of 2061m, Mount Hiverla is the highest mountain and is a part of the Carpathian mountains. Over the years mountain got popularity as an extreme sports site also.
  5. Ukraine is world’s largest sunflower seed producer. Ukraine has vast tracts of land dedicated to the growth of sunflower plants. It is estimated that the total size of Ukraine’s sunflower farmlands could cover the entire territory of Slovenia.
  6. Ukrainian Lviv remains one of the most beautiful, charming and mysterious cities of Eastern Europe. Itis home to the highest number of cafes per capita in the world. It boasts up to 1,500 establishments.
  7. Arsenalna on Kiev city metro line is the deepest metro station in the world. The reason why Arsenalna had to be 105.5 m deep is because it had to bypass the Dnieper river which rises above Kiev and surrounds it. You will go for five long minutes on escalator to reach 105.5 m deep down station.
  8. A land of castles, fortresses, churches and ancient cities. Ukraine is historically and culturally very rich. It has six cultural and one natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many of its cities have long histories and well-preserved historic centers. Beautiful churches dot the city. Ukraine also has many impressive castles and fortresses that remind one of the country’s glorious past.
  9. McDonald’sin Kiev is reportedly one of the busiest in the world.
  10. The An-255 “Mriya” was invented by Ukrainians and is considered to be the largest freight-carrying plane in the world. It was originally designed for spacecraft transportation, but now is used in freight haulage.
  11. People in Ukraine. People in Ukraine are friendly, hospitable, well-educated, kind-hearted and hard-working individuals, many of them have brought significant contribution to the world many different fields, these may include athletics, art, theatre, literature, business, aeronautics, and academics. Their most important holidays are Christmas, Easter, Green Sunday (Pentecost), New Year and Ivan Kupala Day (St John’s Eve).

Ukrainians are very friendly to guests, if you are invited by a Ukrainian family; you will surely receive lots of attention as long as your stay in the house of your host.

Admissions 2021-2022

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