Catering Complex

Following the European trends, which have recently appeared in Ukraine, a lot of students buy coffee or a roll / sandwich or a package of cookies for lunch. You may have set lunch or breakfast in the student canteens which are available in our educational establishment and are characterized by a great variety of food. In the menu, apart from standard kinds of soup, buckwheat and small sausages, you may find the most delicious salads, pilaf, pancakes with various fillings, tasty batch: patties, cakes, cookies. You may also make a feast of borsch (Ukrainian national dish).

It should be noted that our university takes into account a culinary taste of our international students. Considering that there is a big difference between mentalities of countries, we may say that there is a difference in the nutrition of students from this or that country. They are a great part of our university. So, we should take into account the peculiarities of their taste. For instance, for Indian students, as a snack, we offer fried patties with a spicy meat filling of potatoes, beans or vegetables. Also battered and fried, cut in small slices vegetables or huge, thin and, in most cases, crunching pancake from rice flour that is served with a few kinds of sauces chutney; curried rice. In our canteens, there is a big variety of spicy dishes at an affordable price.

The dishes of Arabic cuisine are unforgettable and delicious. In general, they include hot dishes with meat, rice and vegetables and also beans (French beans, lentil), dates, bread.

Although there is a big variety of dishes, the most widespread lunch consists of hot dishes (soup, borsch), fried vegetables, rice, salads, pancakes, cakes, cookies, rolls etc.

If you prefer to eat home food and try to consume only the dishes you cooked yourself, our canteen will not forbid to eat your lunch from home. Moreover, we have a microwave oven, disposable cutlery, an electric kettle if necessary.

In our canteens, you may choose between juice, stewed fruit, tea, coffee. We offer complex nutrition at affordable prices. The canteens work on the basis of self-service. There is a free access to Wi-Fi internet.

The food in our or any other canteen in Ukraine is affordable for students and costs about 60 Hryvnias or 2 dollars a day.

Admissions 2021-2022

For each student, the school is the place where the foundation is laid, on which it will be possible to build the whole future life. But one foundation is not enough for a good future. This is why we invite all entrants to our university: here you will be taught not only the basics of life, but also how to use them in practice.