Preparatory Department

Odessa International Medical University provides pre-university training for foreign nationals

The preparatory department annually enrolls students from more than 25 countries of America, Africa, Europe, the Middle and Far East.

The preparatory department provides purposeful language training for foreign citizens and training in general disciplines in order to ensure successful study at the major faculties of OIMU. All teachers have a basic pedagogical education, as well as extensive experience with foreign students. The training process at the preparatory department covers classroom, practical classes, independent work of students, individual lessons, weekly consultations.

At the stage of pre-university preparation at the preparatory department, the main goal is to develop knowledge, skills and skills to the extent that ensures the further successful education of foreign citizens and stateless persons in higher educational establishments of Ukraine, as well as creating all the necessary conditions for the rapid adaptation of foreigners and persons without citizenship in a new socio-cultural environment.

During the study period, students have the opportunity to participate in the student life of the University, to join educational and scientific work, to get acquainted with leading departments, institutes and centers of the University, to visit museums, exhibitions, theaters of the city of Odessa.

All students are provided with a place to stay at the University hostel. The hostel is located in an area with well-developed infrastructure and convenient transportation.

Entrance and enrollment in the preparatory department is carried out throughout the year.

Admissions 2021-2022

For each student, the school is the place where the foundation is laid, on which it will be possible to build the whole future life. But one foundation is not enough for a good future. This is why we invite all entrants to our university: here you will be taught not only the basics of life, but also how to use them in practice.