Conditions And Rules Of Residence For Domestic And Foreign Students

Foreign students and persons without citizenship who arrived in Ukraine with the purpose of studying and received residence permit are those who legally reside on the territory of Ukraine for the period of studying.

An integral part of the educational process is a morale building both during university classes and out-of-class time, that includes the familiarization of foreign students with the legislation of Ukraine about the status of foreign citizens, travelling across the territory of Ukraine, rules of residence etc.


1.1 Studies at Odesa International Medical University includes providing foreign students with accommodation in dormitories.

1.2 Conditions and rules of residence in the dormitory of Odesa International Medical University are indicated in the agreement.

1.3 The agreement on the residence in the dormitory is made for one academic year. However, foreign students, who continue studying at the university, will take up their residence in the upcoming year.

1.4 Internal order in the dormitory of OIMU is determined and agreed by the rector of the university.

1.5 The cost of living in the dormitory of OIMU is not included in tuition fees and is paid by students according to tariffs for the current academic year.

1.6 Conditions and rules of residence for domestic and foreign students in the dormitory are indicated in the agreement signed by a student. It involves preservation of properties, use of furniture, electric equipment, bed etc.


2.1 Students who use a living space in the dormitory are obliged to pay for it in time, within the time limits mentioned in the agreement.

2.2 They have to keep their rooms and other premises clean and tidy.

2.3 Follow the requirements of fire and gas safety, public health regulations.

2.4 Use the living space in the dormitory according to its intended purpose, do not damage technical equipment in the dormitory.

2.5 Our students do not prevent from other persons’ lawful use of other premises in the dormitory.

2.6 It is not allowed to carry out the work and other actions which cause the damage of rooms, instruments, equipment and break other people’s rights of living.

2.7 Domestic and foreign students get properties of the dormitory against their signatures.

2.8 Students are obliged to use electricity, gas and water frugally.

2.9 They leave the things which are not daily use items in the storage room.

2.10 Recoup for damages according to the legislation of Ukraine.


  1. to use the living space and equipment;
  2. to participate in solving issues about the improvement of living conditions in the dormitory;
  3. to elect the council of the dormitory and a leader


3.1 to willfully move from one living space to another;

3.2 to smoke in the rooms of the dormitory, except for some designated areas;

3.3 to store household inflammable liquids, high-explosive materials, air pollutants;

3.4 to violate requirements about acceptable noise levels;

3.5 to break silence from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.;

3.6 to damage equipment, furniture;

3.7 to wash clothes, laundry in a living room;

3.8 to create noise switching on loud music, TV or other devices;

3.9 to drink alcoholic drinks, to use drugs;

3.10 to store explosive substances in a room;

3.11 to ignore the requirements indicated in the agreement signed by students;

3.12 keeping domestic animals.

Striving for improving the living conditions in the dormitory of OIMU and keeping the rooms clean and tidy, students are awarded with a certificate and gratitude is announced.

Breaking the rules and living conditions students bear responsibility:

  1. remark, notice;
  2. refusal to provide with accommodation next year;
  3. eviction from the dormitory.
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