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ONLINE EDUCATION at OIMU – Creating New Possibilities!

Due to the complicated situation in the world, students can choose between ONLINE or ON CAMPUS studying.

The education process will be in ENGLISH medium of instruction during the whole period of study.


Odessa International Medical University has the following courses:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Postgraduate Education
  • Preparatory faculty


  • Medicine – 6 years
  • Dentistry – 5 years
  • Pharmacy – 5 years
  • Nursing – 4 years
  • Laboratory Diagnostics – 4 years
  • Physiotherapy – 4 years  
  • Veterinary Medicine– 6 years
  • Postgraduate Education – 2-3 years
  • Preparatory faculty – 6 months – 1 year


Other Expenses for ONLINE training (Registration Fee, Administrative Fee, Admission Fee, etc.): 1400 US$ FOR FIRST YEAR ONLY



Other Expenses for ONLINE training (Registration Fee, Administrative Fee, Admission Fee, etc.): 1400 US$ FOR FIRST YEAR ONLY

Certification and equalization of all educational documents: 1000US$ ONLY FOR FIRST YEAR



Other Expenses for ONLINE training (Registration Fee, Administrative Fee, Admission Fee, etc.): 1400 US$ FOR FIRST YEAR ONLY


STEP 1: In order to apply, the student should send to our e-mail following documents and specify the course of study:

  • A copy of the international passport (valid for at least 1 year);
  • A copy of the higher secondary school certificate (with mentioned subjects and grades in it).
  • A copy Bachelor’s Degree certificate with transcript (if applying as a graduate student or for Postgraduate education).

After receiving required documents, we will review them and send you an admission/confirmation letter and invoice for ONLINE training.

STEP 2: After receiving letters from us, the student will need to make payment to cover complete first year expenses for ONLINE education according to the issued invoice.

STEP 3:  After received payment, the student will be provided with the registration documents to fill online and with the access to personal Student's Office on our website.

When the COVID-19 situation in the world is settled, the student will be able to travel to our country and join classes ON CAMPUS.


ODESSA INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY has all possibilities to perform online training with high quality of education:

  • advanced technologies which maintain perfect online connections, video records, online lectures, etc.;
  • personalized curriculum;
  • free eBooks, eTextbooks and other study material;
  • recorded video lectures of high quality;
  • perfect English of lectors and teachers;
  • online communication with teaching staff via ZOOM/ Skype/Google meet/ Video-calls/ WhatsApp texting and calls;
  • group chat with your online classmates and teachers;
  • flexible timetables;
  • training staff is always available to assist you with study process and answer your questions.

Online learning is the future of education!

Contact Admissions department:

Tel.: +380508077633


Admissions 2021-2022

For each student, the school is the place where the foundation is laid, on which it will be possible to build the whole future life. But one foundation is not enough for a good future. This is why we invite all entrants to our university: here you will be taught not only the basics of life, but also how to use them in practice.