Odesa International Medical University prepares specialists in Nursing.

The aim of OIMU is to prepare harmonically developed competent specialists in Nursing, who have necessary professional and personal qualities.

A highly qualified nurse must have enough knowledge, skills and confidence to plan, take, evaluate care that corresponds to every patient’s needs.

Professional activities of a nurse include providing with the first aid, assistance during operations, taking care of patients in a hospital and extramurally, such medical procedures as injections, measuring of blood preasure, handing over drugs, work with medical documentation (prescriptions, certificates, referral for examination). Some specializations of Nursing require additional highly specialized studies.

After graduating from the University nurses can perform their professional duties in treatment and preventive care establishments of all types and levels. For instance:

  1. family practice centers, ambulatories of general purpose;
  2. district centers of general practitioners and pediatricians;
  3. visiting nurse;
  4. quick clinics, emergency and first aid services;
  5. educational establishments (kindergartens, schools, higher education institutions, boarding schools etc);
  6. medical centers;
  7. socially-oriented medical establishments where they take care of children, physically disabled people and veterans, shelters;
  8. maternity hospitals and perinatal centers;
  9. hospices, rehabilitation centers;
  10. centers of Forensic medicine and medical and social aid;
  11. workers in polyclinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical associations, clinics;
  12. scientific research institutes and medical universities.

After graduating from the University, you may hold such positions:

  1. nurse;
  2. head nurse;
  3. clinical nurse manager;
  4. deputy chief nursing physician in a treatment and preventive care establishment;
  5. work with a family doctor.

Training of students in the specialty of “Nursing “is conducted by highly qualified teachers of OIMU.

Admissions 2021-2022

For each student, the school is the place where the foundation is laid, on which it will be possible to build the whole future life. But one foundation is not enough for a good future. This is why we invite all entrants to our university: here you will be taught not only the basics of life, but also how to use them in practice.