Academic Council

The Academic Council of the University is a collegiate governing body of the University, which is formed for a period of five years.
The Academic Council of the University is headed by its chairman, who is elected by secret ballot from among the members of the academic council of the university who hold a scientific degree and/or academic (honorary) rank, for the term of the academic council.
Management of the Academic Council is provided by the Academic Secretary of the Academic Council.

Competence of the Academic Council of the University:
• submission to the higher collegial body of public self-government of the draft Charter, as well as amendments to it;
• approval of financial plans and reports;
• submission of proposals to the Rector of the University on appointment and dismissal of directors of institutes, chief accountant and director of the library;
• election by secret ballot of pro-rectors, heads of departments and professors;
• approval of curricula and curricula;
• making decisions on the organization of the educational process;
• approval of the main directions of scientific research, annual reports on scientific activity of the university and reports on the training of scientific and pedagogical staff;
• making decisions on scientific and pedagogical activities of structural units;
• making decisions on nominations for assigning academic titles to associate professor, professor, senior research associate;
• other matters of activity in accordance with the Statute of the University.
The decisions of the Academic Council of the University shall come into force after their approval by the Rector.

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